Bio-Light from Enviro-Med: Bright Light Therapy Systems for Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Winter Blues


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Bright Light Therapy

BIO-LIGHT Light Boxes and Accessories

Natural light normally regulates our internal biological clocks which control our alertness and energy. When dim indoor lighting, dark winters or shift work disrupt our body clocks, our bodies get out of sync, causing lethargy and moodiness. Light deprivation is usually due to the short days and long nights of winter. Insufficient light may also be the result of indoor working conditions, health and age related indoor confinement, or unseasonably cloudy weather.

Leading medical centers worldwide recommend bright light boxes for the depressive effects of winter, sleep disorders, insomnia, shiftwork and PMS. Bio-Lights are research quality light boxes that simulate daylight and its positive, regulating effect on the human body. Bio-Lights are designed to meet the specifications researchers have found necessary to regulate body rhythms. Bio-Lights use a unique combination of broad spectrum fluorescent tubes, quiet flicker free electronic ballasts, reflectors and diffusers to provide maximum light intensity, minimizing your treatment time and providing optimal visual comfort. All units are carefully calibrated and come with a chart showing the lux levels dispensed at specific distances from the unit.


Clinically Proven - Research Quality

All Bio-Light models are scientifically calibrated to counteract the daylight deprivation of dark winters, shift work and indoor working conditions.

10,000 LUX

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* Our most popular model
* 10,000 lux at 20"
* 2,500 lux at 44"
* $299
* $315 with optional Acrylic Stand (see below)


Dimensions: 12" X 24" X 3½"

* $16 optional acrylic stand adds stability in horizontal or vertical position. Fits Solar and Ultra
[Picture of Acrylic Stand]
Optional Acrylic Stand
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10,000 LUX

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* Brighter light & reduced glare
* 10,000 lux at 24"
* 2,500 lux at 48"
* $420 Fall Sale $370
* Dimensions: 12" X 24" X 3½"
* Optional fully tilt-adjustable light-weight aluminum Floor/Desk Stand ($65 if ordered separately)
[Picture of stand configured as Floor Stand]
Floor Stand
[Picture of stand configured as Desk Stand]
Desk Stand
* $475 with Floor/Desk Stand (save $10) Fall Sale $425

* Solid Oak
* 3 light intensity settings
* 10,000 lux at 19"
* $399
* Dimensions: 11.5" X 18" X 4.5"

* Weighs 6.5 pounds

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* 5 year guarantee on light box
2 year guarantee on bulbs
* Components are UL approved
* Broad spectrum fluorescent bulbs with no damaging UV rays
* 12 foot white cord
* Integrated handle for easy transport


* $46 optional carrying case protects your light box during transportation or storage

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* Custom made for BIO-LIGHTS
* Strong black Cordoba material
* Padded - One inch foam lining
* Detachable shoulder strap
* Prevents bumps and scratches

* Provides relief for thousands
* Adheres to research specifications
* Calibrated to required lux levels
* Used in major medical centers
* Use while reading or watching TV
* Portable, easy to handle
* Small compact design
* High output reduces treatment time
* Competitively priced, Visa and MasterCard accepted
* 2 year guarantee on bulbs
* Satisfaction Guarantee & Limited Warranty
* Qualifies for insurance reimbursement

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DISCLAIMER: Enviro-Med cannot offer medical advice or recommend which individuals should receive light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, winter blues or other conditions. We advise that light therapy for seasonal affective disorder or other conditions be prescribed by a physician or other qualified health care professional and duration and timing supervised by the same. Consult with your physician to rule out any ophthalmological or other conditions that might preclude the use of light therapy.

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