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Articles Related to Bright Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

The following article reprints related to seasonal affective disorder and bright light therapy are available from Enviro-Med. Some of them, identified with the [View] button, have been reproduced here for your convenience. Please contact us if you would like reprints of any of these articles.
* [View] Lewy A: "Treating Chronobiologic Sleep and Mood Disorders with Bright Light," Psychiatric Ann 1987;17(10):664-669
* [View] Baxter S: "Light Therapy: A Cure for the Winter Blues"
* [View] "Winter Depression Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol"

[View] Dawson D, Campbell S: "Timed Exposure to Bright Light Improves Sleep and Alertness during Simulated Night Shifts," Sleep 1991;14(6):511-516

* [View] Campbell S, Dawson D: "Bright Light Treatment Of Sleep Disturbances In Older Subjects"
* [View] Lam R et al: "A Controlled Study Of Light Therapy For Premenstrual Depression," SLTBR Abstracts 1997; Volume 9
* Parry B et al: "Morning Versus Evening Bright Light Treatment of Late Luteal Phase Dsysphoric Disorder"
* Rex K, Cole R, Kripke D: "Light Treatment Of Long Menstrual Cycles"
* Thomas K, Lewy A: "Circadian Phase Sleep And Mood Disorders," Directions in Psychiatry 1993;13(24)
* Rosenthal, Norman E. "Winter Blues; Seasonal Affective Disorder What It Is and How to Overcome It." New York: The Gillard Press, 1993.

[View] "Treatment Guidelines for Light Therapy"


Juarez S et al: "Sad Symptoms And Daily Illumination Exposures"

Rosenthal N: "Diagnosis and Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder," JAMA 1993;270(22);2717-2720


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DISCLAIMER: Enviro-Med cannot offer medical advice or recommend which individuals should receive light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, winter blues or other conditions. We advise that light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, winter depression or other conditions be prescribed by a physician or other qualified health care professional and duration and timing supervised by the same. Consult with your physician to rule out any ophthalmological or other conditions that might preclude the use of light therapy.

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